INI3D main features

On previous post, we share INI3D main features, Here are the explanation, Hope you will get clear,

1. Main Menu

INI3D main menu

This  Menu’s displayed on the opening of the application, before this menu come out, ther are 2 opening movie come first. With this menu, user can choose what map he will explore, what resolution, and then start exploring map after this. In this main menu there are  7 map. I will be explain more in Choose map menu :cool:

2. Change resolution

This menu allowed user to change application resolution, List of resolution that can be set are , 800 x 600, 1024 x 786, and many more.  To set resolution, user must klik until display of uesr choosen resolution came out, then don’t forget to click “simpan perubahan”. After user set and click “simpan perubahan”, the menu will go to main to exploring map. User can directly start exploring map without choosing what map he wanna explore first

INI3D menu settings

3. Choose Map

This menu allowed user to choose what map he wanna explore. In choose map, if user doesn’t choose what map he want. the system by default choose d3-FTI map.

INI3D Menu – Choose Map

4. MiniMap 2D

This menu allowed user to know where exactly they are in map. We called it “I’m here” feature. This feature is showed by red symbol. The arrow also show actor direction in 3D map. Press M button and this map will appear in your screen :wink: .

5. SignPost

Are you getting lost? Use this feature. Sign Post, in application choose “Tunjukkan arah“. And the sign post, green 3D arrow will appear in the screen and guide you to the destination.

INI3D – signpost

6. Teleport

Doraemon has time tunnel. How about ITS ? Yes, ITS has it! You can enter any room without walking. Just choose “Masuk ruangan” feature on Map 2D.


If each game has its developer page, INI3D also has it.

That’s all for this post, thank you for reading, see ya!

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