6th review Rektorat Building

Okay, continue the next review. Rektorat Building by Yuli Aria Winata. Hmm, actually he didnt make one building, he also made Pasca Sarjana building. We called this map, The Most Difficult Map. Ahahaa.. :D Do you know why? Because, every time we reported our progress, this map was the one which got most comments and critics from Mr. Iyan. You know, Mr Iyan’s office is in Rektorat:mrgreen: . Or, we could call it, Dearest Map :oops: . Ahahaa, enough! #crazywriter :mrgreen: . Enjoy the screenshots!

Welcome to Rektorat!

Rektorat’s Park


This is it! Rektorat of ITS!

rektorat 01

3rd floor

Industrial Engineering Faculty’s Office

Math and Science Faculty’s Office

Marine Engineer Faculty’s Office

meeting room

FTSP’s Office

FTSP’s Office Inside

Pasca Sarjana Building

Class of Pasca Sarjana Building



Okay, that’s for 6th review. See you in next post. Bye! :)


sumber : http://inithreed.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/6th-review-rektorat-building/#more-203

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