5th review Architect (part 2)

Hello! Meet again with us! Hmm, sorry, we couldn’t post 5th review. Did you know about INI3D in INAICTA 2011 Exhibition? Yup, we didnt get any award, but we were proud with all of we did until now, we still one of the nominator :cool: :D . We can compete this project in next INAICTA  competition :mrgreen: .

Okay, 5th review is about Architect. Nur Safira Assyifa as developer. If 4 maps before have appellation, this map has too. The Detail Map. Did you know? Safir even made tiny gutter! Not just that, she also made detail accessories. Great huh?! Indeed :cool: These are the screenshot. Enjoy it :)

Welcome to Architect

detail security post

here we go! Architect!

one of classes in Archi

detail of wall texture

beatiful Archi

mockup of building

Archi’s library



art in archi

Archi from above angle

What’s your response? Give us comments :mrgreen:

Thank you for reading, see ya! :)

sumber : http://inithreed.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/5th-architect-part-2/#more-187


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