3rd Review – Civil Engineering (part 1)

Fyuuh, 3rd Review! Why Part I? Because, some parts of Civil Engineering Department also were done by Titus Damaiyanti. In this part, we’ll give Civil Engineering Part I review for you, Fitrah Mp as developer. This map was called The Interactive Map. May be, cause of amount of the interactions in this map. Okay, this is the screenshot. Happy reading!

Civil Engineering Map (Part I)
Hydrology and Beaches Laboratory
Dam Miniature
One of Lab’s Tools – Basic Hydrology System
They called it “Flum”
water flow.. take “wudhu” for muslim @Musholla
Civil Engineering – Middle Area (Canteen & Creativity Room)
Wanna play music? Go to Creativity Room
Class of Civil Engineering Department – See the Slideshow
is it real?
Civil Engineering Lecture Room Aisle
Library or Reading Room
Presser Machine or Tokyo Machine Testing

Hey, what’s your opinion?

Thank you for reading.. :cool:

sumber : http://inithreed.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/3rd-review-civil-engineering-part-1/#more-144


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